Murdering a Nation’s Scientists

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Murdering a Nation’s Scientists
Is Crime Against Humanity!

The timid whose method of opposing a country’s wrong foreign policy is killing its nation’s scientists are no different from terrorist clans such as al-Qaeda? But, do they have the same level of intelligence?

Those who murdered all German scientists working in Egypt, killed tens of Pakistani scientists so they do not achieve making atomic bomb, killed tens of Iraqi scientists in order to destroy their technological foundation, are now targeting our scientists.

Our scientists are not policymakers, but technocrats serving their country. They are just like any other scientist anywhere in the world, serving their people through practice of their science and profession. Scientists are not just a national wealth, but a world treasure, and respect for their importance must be recognized and observed.

Just as you condemn blind rocket launching against innocent and defenseless people, and as you condemn terrorist bombings of public places mass murdering innocent people, how on earth can you justify murdering our defenseless young scientists? If you are so righteous and brave, come out of your dark crevices and draw your sword hitting real criminals against humanity.

Iranian nation is one of the most civilized in the world and with a culture based on humanity, equality and peaceful coexistence with all peoples. Iranian nation has even tamed the most violent uncivilized barbarians who invaded her land from time to time with her humane culture. And you, out of all people, who have targeted us, have never experienced from us but kindness, friendship and support for your people.

Whoever you are, you are not true representative of your noble nation. You know well that Iranians have a long historical memory. Think of the future when our nation could not forgive your violent and inhuman ways.

Members Iran National Front Central Council:

Mahlagha Ardalan, Davud Hermidas Bavand, Jamal Darrudi, Isa Khan Hatami, Shahin Sepanta, Kourosh Zaim.

January 17, 2012