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The great, land of Iran, which has been the cradle of science, culture and civilization for centuries, has entitled itself as one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Iran has four unique seasons and is surrounded by seas from three sides and is a path through which one can get into the oceans, green lands, flowing rivers and high peaked mountains, covered in snow with an azure sky far above. This very land of uniqueness has been the birth place of the wisest people of ancient time. Aryan Races have been the first noble dwellers on the green earth to settle in this land and make true subjects to God. The first ever government has been made in Iranian Central Plateau and the only well-structured government of the 2500 years ago was established here and made one of the most accepted kingdoms in the world. The founder of the great Achaemenian Dynasty, Cyrus the Great announced the First Human Right Declaration which is far ahead of UN's current Charter in humanity and humility. It won't be boasting to call Iran as the land of "the firsts" and "the bests"; The First Human Right Declaration, the largest lake, the oldest city, the most ancient and largest cities, the largest buildings, the most exclusive books, the most famous poets and pious people, the oldest social regulations of the history were collected in Iran. This great ancient land has introduced the first spoken and written way of communication among the nations after which the Sanskrit language_ known as the root of all languages in the world_ succeeded. Iran that is well known for benefiting from four natural seasons has established the start points of the special requirements of people from high courts, army forces, literature, architecture and art, mysticism, lyrics, painting and poetry to various sciences and technologies. According to some well known scholars the Middle East and mostly the Iran Plateau have been the birth place for many sciences like agriculture, metal work and pottery, and also the place to provide essentials for religious and philosophical thoughts, calligraphy and astronomy.

Persian Gulf (Pars Sea) with no doubt has been one of the most important and critical regions of the world in recent century from the Geopolitical and Geostrategic points of view. Due to deep changes and evolutions in international relations, in the first 21st century, Persian Gulf was considered as the most important center from the classical viewpoint and has been called Heart Land or Earth’s Heart.

The global importance of Persian Gulf in the modern era from 1908 was begun since the first oil well was dug and oil extraction started in Masjed Soleyman,(Khuzistan) the cultural heart of Iran. Today, due to the region’s vast energy reserves which are the world's most extensive reserves, the global importance of Iranians’ Persian Gulf has been revealed to everyone. However, other energy resources in the world are to end.

This study center is a Non Governmental Organization and is handled and managed by voluntary donations . Our Approach is Peace and Development . In order to communicate with the Persian Gulf Study Group's members, please contact with the following email addresses:



Roozbeh Parsapour Managing Director of Persian Gulf Studies Center think tank institute

R. Parsapour Roozbeh Parsapour manager of persian gulf studies center
Researcher and managing director of the PGSC



مسعود رضایی

M. Rezaei
Deputy CEO of the PGSC

سید عباس مجتهدی

S.A. Mojtahedi
Researcher and senior Adviser to the managingdirector of the PGSC

دکتر محمد عجم

Dr. M. Ajam
Counselor (PHD) of Legal and studies

دکتر آژیده مقدم

DR. A. Moqaddam
Archaeologist and Linguist(PHD) Chairman of the PGSC Council