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The Persian Gulf under Name Attack Again!
Today (01-Dec-2009) the Daily Telegraph has published an article on its website changing the name of Persian Gulf in favor of Arab plot against our co ...
Conspiracy to change a heritage name The Persian Gulf
Historical and unique name of The Persian Gulf and its equivalents in different languages has been continuously in used since 3000 years ago in all l ...
The Persian Gulf and its name
The historical name of the Persian Gulf is a familiar name for all the countries in the world, particularly the countries of Middle East. Commenting o ...
Pan Arabism's Legacy
Few Iranians (or westerners) have heard of Pan-Arab nationalists such as Satia Al-Husri, Sami Shawkat, Michel Aflaq or Khairallah Tulfah. Their versio ...
history of abu musa and the tunbs
The British Government's announcement in January 1968 of its decision of terminating Pax-Britannica in the Persian Gulf caused a sense of urgency for ...
EU-GCC resolution main source of encouragement for attack on Iranian fishing boat in Persian Gulf
Clearly the EU-GCC resolution of 19 May 2004 was the main source of encouragement for Abu Dhabi to commit the armed assault on the Iranian boat in the ...
The First Empire
The Iranian plateau was settled about 1500 BC by Aryan tribes, the most important of which were the Medes, who occupied the northwestern portion, and ...
The history of Great Persia
The history of Iran goes back some three thousand years. Iran formerly known as Persia is regarded as one of the cradles of civilisation. Over the las ...
Historicity of Persian Gulf
The Persian Gulf is a geographical name rooted in ancient history, a leading archeologist said. The statement was made at a recent two-day internati ...