Cost for Isolating Qatar, 750 Million Dollar

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Cost for Isolating Qatar, 750 Million Dollar

Date: 9/2/2018 3:29:20 PM

Cost for Isolating Qatar, 750 Million Dollar

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, the next host nation of the World Cup, in June last year and accused it of funding terrorism and being closely allied with Iran. Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates also cut ties with Qatar, which found its land border closed, its state owned airline barred from its neighbours’ airspace and some of its nationals expelled.

A senior Saudi official has fuelled speculation the kingdom intends to dig a canal between itself and Qatar amidst an on-going feud between the Persian Gulf nations.
The project, which would turn the tiny peninsula into an island, is already being seen as an attempt to tighten the blockade placed on it by Saudi Arabia and other regional rivals.
Details of the scheme appeared simultaneously in two state-linked Saudi newspapers – Sabq and al-Riyadh – in April, after a previous piece suggesting the project would take a year to complete.

When details of the plan emerged in June, Qataris were furious. “Digging the Salwa Canal reminds me of the Battle of the Confederates when the Jews of Khaibar and the infidels of Quraish and their allies surrounded the Muslims in Medina,” tweeted Qatari writer Ahmed al-Sulaiti, referring to a battle between the Muslim prophet Muhammad's forces and his enemies.

The channel itself would stretch 37 miles (60km) and measure 200m wide and 20m deep. In total, the estimated cost was 2.8 billion riyals (750 milion $)

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